Saturday, 9 August 2014

I'm baaack

I'm home again safe and sound with a raft of pictures to share.

First off a three hour boat tour that Anne hosted to celebrate her birthday that will certainly take more than one blog entry to cover.

The tour was out of Montague pei not far from where Mary Lynn lives.

Fist bumps all around from Cooper.

Hugs, kisses and high fives are also all around where Cooper is concerned.

The birthday girl.

Mussel farming is big around there.

So are posturing birds.

Why so serious?

Mussel harvesting:

Apparently there are sharks around here sometimes too.

Just like the movie Jaws except more fun!

This is the groom Brent's youngest brother Paul and his girlfriend Shanna. They are an extremely cute couple.

Not sure if they have a couple name yet. Panna? Shaul? Paulianna?

Next up on the boat tour - seals!

Anne got these awesome pictures of Cooper at the wedding. I like how the guests are colour coordinated.

I still can't believe that Cooper cooperated so well!

Harry was anxious to get back to our routine today.

But he's not very relaxed yet:

Got my first moth of the summer today.

Things have really bloomed around here.

Chippie was here to greet me too.

But not for long.

Good night.


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