Sunday, 3 August 2014

Basin Head beach

We had another banner day today. Tomorrow I am going to sort wedding photos but today was for the beach.

Basin Head beach is known as the singing sands beach though the only singing I heard came from Anne. And I should know because I fell down into it to get a better listen :) Reminded me of falling in the snow last winter but this time I didn't take the time to take my picture while I was down there. I wasn't hurt at all and I had strong arms right there to help me up.

The water wasn't very cold and we could walk way out.

Joannie's parents enjoying the sunshine:

Here comes the groom!

Jim trumpets the arrival of the bride


Cyclopes Anne

Laura was too ethical to leave her Tim's by itself on shore. Love her dedication!

Natasha and Laura are leaving in the morning and we will miss them very much. Meeting Joannie's friends and family has been so great!

Luke and Jennifer and Rebekah and their dog Lola joined us too.

I have a ton of fun volleyball pics on my bigger camera but here are a few.

Lest you think we're having too much fun, the horse flies and jelly fish were out ensuring we kept a firm grip on reality.

When we got home there was a delicious BBQ waiting for us and Caleb tried mussels for the first time.

He was a fan.

So was Dana.

Emily not so much.

Though she did say it was just too buttery as Caleb had double dipped it. Caleb discovered smoked salmon at the wedding too which he could not have loved more.

After supper the games commenced.

The poker crowd was much more sedate than the kitchen crew.

But I think we all had a lot of fun. Especially winner Jim!

Hoping my cat Harrison is having as much fun with my friend Susan as I am out here. Wish I could bring them both home a lobster.


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