Saturday, 23 August 2014

Yellow bird out on a twig

I took this picture today when I ventured over to the bug garden.

Then as I was taking a second one I saw that the plant started to bob quite dramatically and I thought wow that must be one big bee. Nope.

I've noticed before that these yellow birds have a deflated view of the size of the branches they should be habituating.

I like their self-image.

Here he is again:

Much as I like my yellow wild garden, it makes me a little sad to see the memory garden flower bed like this:

Especially when they put a huge new flower bed in this week.

But that's out front where everyone drives by it, so I guess the bugs and the few of us that walk back here will have our own secret Garden. I'm okay with that.

There are a few bright spots in other areas.

Very excited to be going out shooting with my friend Melanie tomorrow. We're going to see what the terraced garden in Stratford is up to and go from there. She's a real live photographer so you can bet I will be picking her brain!

Excited to be seeing some pictures from the Calgary wedding reception happening now.

The Noble Thiefs is the name of the band.

Cool cake huh!

Party on Calgary peeps!


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  1. What fun!!

    And I love the bird in the flowers. So beautiful!