Saturday, 13 December 2014

A grumpy tour of the new library

Today I got to join Cooper and Henry at the new kitchener Library. I dunno. I wasn't at it enough before I guess to see much of a difference. Love my little satellite branch. I mean I could tell the material things were made of were pricey but otherwise it looked the same. And I was instantly enraged by the seating so that coloured my experience.

I already got on my high horse on facebook about the absurdly low chairs but seriously people that design institutions you make me so angry with your beautiful ottoman type seating. All designers and architects should be forced to wear duct tape around their knees for a day to show them how impossible it is to get up from this type of "chair." Or better yet take your grandparents to work and watch where they don't sit.

And listen I can do it now but that's not the point. Almost everything in our new public buildings is now accessible except the seating. The chairs do not need to have arm rests, that often discriminates against the obese. The chairs need to be higher. Much much higher. It's a centre of gravity thing. When you have bad knees you cannot physically stand up from low chairs. When you have bad knees you need to sit and rest. So you don't go back.

Okay deep cleansing breaths.

Cooper was not feeling the best this week but he enjoyed the echo in the parking garage, yelling CAR! CAR!

That's not what the road rage dad was yelling out his window at the four car line up to get out of the garage, like he'd already been waiting an hour, when we left but Cooper enjoyed his horn honking so that made everyone happy but the man's poor wife.

I was proud that I could get up from these chairs but I'd've been toast if they were soft.

Sorry, we are appreciating Cooper's joy now. We've let go of the chair thing.

The papers had all been gathered neatly in another area by the desk because it was three quarters of an hour before closing and we are dealing with people who are all about tidying up so Coop made do with the material at hand. I thought that was fair.

Even once he had paper he was really more about the consolidation of the crayon supply.

Can't believe how many words and colours he has now!

Cooper is not really a runner, we were happy that he had enough energy to run after being sick this week but the doors would have allowed him out on the street in a jiffy. Yes kids are to be supervised but until you've had a toddler who is a runner you have no idea how fast, deaf to the word stop and Wiley Coyote they can be. Open concept does not always make sense.

Hilarity ensued as we coloured gingerbread boys and Henry was encouraged to eat crayons.

We enjoyed the lights on the way home and Cooper was thrilled to put his colouring on the Christmas tree when he got home.

I've been having fun with my blue lights background.

Emily's dance recital tomorrow! I promise to try to be less ranty.


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