Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Blue light special

Nothin but blue skies today. Really nice change.

The squirrels were posing for me. Pretty sure they want to play hide and seek with elf Lizzy. Who wouldn't!

Lizzy's Magic carpet?

Obviously just roughed in.

Pretty sure these are squirrel antlers.

I'm sure it looks perfectly normal for a woman in a cow hat to stop dead in her tracks, whirl around and take 20 pictures of a twig on the sidewalk.

Then laundry happened.

Later this evening I was still feeling sporty. I was sad that it hadn't started snowing yet because I wanted to take pictures but I decided to go out again anyway. I just walk around the parking area after dark because that's where the lights are.

It was cold enough to warrant the muskrat hat for the first time this winter.

Then I looked up.

Stars are harder to get.

I know it looked really normal to be sitting outside in the freezing cold take pictures in the dark during the nursing shift change. Ha! Who cares? And I can nearly feel my face again.

Please enjoy these bonus elf Lizzy pictures.

Action Elf!


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