Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ah titles, how you elude me

The Christmas cat photo shoots continue for Harry.

You'll have to wait for a bit to see them but as you can see I never ask him to do anything I wouldn't.

He's a pacifist so I doubt he's plotting to kill me but I'll watch out anyway.

He thoroughly enjoyed this though:

He adores tissue paper and purred the whole time he wore this. If he could've smiled he would've.

In fact I think this is a smile.

Look Emily is designing wallpaper! She wrote these words for me while I was going through cancer treatment so they are very special to me.

She is right!

Yesterday started out great with lunch and shopping with this special lady.

"Are you seriously going to take my picture right now?" Is what that smile is saying.

You're a good sport Pari!

The pulled pork lunch was awesome. The company was better.

Dinner was pretty fabulous as well. I was Karen's date at the Grand Harmony Christmas dinner. I put all the pictures on Facebook but this one bears repeating!

And this one bares repeating.

I was only sorry that they didn't all four stand in the front row.

But they kindly did some good posing after.

Johanna had the right idea to jump in for a picture with them.

Jo was wearing her fabulous dress she got in New Orleans by a designer of Mad Men.

She and her mum looked wonderful as did the photo bombing waiter who lurked into many of my pictures to the point that I just accept he'd be there no matter what angle I took.

He's behind here because I had them shuffle over.

But Jo is a dab hand with Photo shop, she was in New Orleans to accept a designing award so I'm not worried and really he became a part of the family after a while.

My sparkly nails made it through till today when I gratefully removed them.

Such a fun group of ladies. Here is the blessing they sang and I might have more video another time.

Quite a grey day out today but a few snowflakes at least.

It's fun to do things on the computer after I take the pictures but it's fun (and cold) to do them outside too. Hoping some snow lasts till tomorrow.


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