Friday, 5 December 2014


Seemed like a good day to post a few pictures from spring in Halifax that I didn't show you yet. Except of course that makes me think of spring in Halifax with Mary Lynn.

Everyone says how great it was that I got to spend so much time with her then and yes it was a rare privilege.

I want to remember it as the hopeful time it was though truthfully, though you wouldn't know from my blog at the time, it was actually more scary than anything else. ML's numbers were not coming up and there are only so many ways you can say we are hopeful and expecting the best and still remain even a little honest.

What got her through was her faith and the most relentless optimism I've ever witnessed. Sometimes it was like trying to hold on to a full size hot air balloon with a ribbon. And I think the fact that she did get past the stemcell transplant and into really excellent numbers made it such a sneaky kick in the teeth when she got sick so suddenly. And you could never lose hope around her because she always came back. Until she didn't.

We are still missing the sun around here and there's not really enough snow for elf book backgrounds but the squirrels were excited to provide some action shots anyway.

Elf and squirrel raceway:


If Harry ends up being a villain in the elf books maybe they'll tie him up with a bow this way.

Check out my other singing sister here! Anne has been a faithful member of the Nith Valley Singers for years. My favorite was the Christmas they did the Hallelujah chorus.

Anne's daughter Deborah is currently touring the Hoover Dam area!

Look at the change in colour where the water level used to be.

Deborah and TJ are touring about in a Mustang convertible. Who know where they will turn up next!


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