Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Day with Per

I had the privilege again of spending Christmas Day with Cooper.

Cooper was more about giving out presents than opening them. It was so cute what an eye rolling chore it was for him to have to open them but he enjoyed playing Santa.

But I think he did enjoy opening the gifts from uncle Todd and aunt Jen...

and uncle Sean.

He also enjoyed combing grampa's hair.

Seanie's beautiful cards:

Sean had eye surgery this summer and I was thrilled to see that he could recognize this picture of himself on my little ipod.

Love these people.

Cooper was very excited to be eating peas and only peas.

Henry revealed his secret ingredient.

He had run out of garlic. It was a great success. The potatoes were delicious as was everything else.

Especially Jim's new chocolate mousse cheesecake!

This cuteness with Cooper and his dad is why I should always have my good camera at the table in case something like this breaks out behind me.

By the way his tshirt says "Making a list checking it twice, changing my name from naughty to nice."

Then it was time for pyjama fun.

We even snuck in one more present.

And half an apple.

But then it was time for more hopping.

Not sure how Jim managed this:

Our dad could've done it too.

Coop, or rather Per as he calls himself's new favorite show.

Some high five attempts.

Dana explaining to Sean that he'll be back for our family gathering in 3 sleeps.

Some juggling for the road.

Sean helped me with my poker game

But Henry was victorious.

Special thank you to Karen's family who always make sure harry and I have fun things to open Christmas Eve and morning.


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