Monday, 1 December 2014

Shiny, Purple, Glitter-Shedding Ladies of Joy!

So this happened today!

Karen sang in her very first barbershop style concert. I'm going to go right ahead and tell you that this is not the style of music you will find on my iPod probably true of even some in the chorus but that could hardly matter less. It's all about the joy and these ladies know how to bring that by the boat load and also how to throw down a concert!

The concert was sold out and not just because our family showed up this year I don't think :-)

There will for sure be a longer movie but you can get a sneak peak if you click here.

I took a lot of video and was concentrating on not favouring my two, well, favourites - my sister Karen...

and our good friend Johanna...

because I want to feature the whole group but this blog post is for the two of them. And especially for Karen who has learned to sing bass and 17 songs by heart since September! The ladies have to be tested and sing their part on their own in order to be approved for each song. Yikes!

Are you enjoying the filter effect that the white haired lady in front of me added to the bottom corner of the pictures? I kind of am.

Jo sings baritone in a quartet too!

Cookie intermission!

My two singing sisters!

Caleb and Emily:

Karen's best cheerleader:

Karen's good friend Dianne:

Karen's husband Mike and his sister Donna:

Donna and her husband John:

Our brother Henry:

Jo's mom and her son Jacob:

Anne bought a necklace for Karen in place of flowers to congratulate her.

We did not get every possible combination of people's pictures taken with each other but who really cares when you see this:

Director Chris Arnold:

Time for the raffle draw.

No luck at our table.

Some more great singing...

and it was over too soon.

Me and Johanna getting photo bombed :-)

And Andrew and Jo (Please read in a sing song voice) k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

We headed over to Karen's for a bit where we were greeted by one more of her family members.

And Karen was greeted with this!

Yes indeed Bravo to one and all but especially Karen!

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  1. LOVE this!! Thank you so much for sharing about Grand Harmony Chorus ( Karen is an absolute treasure and we enjoy her sparkling personality, musical talent and yeah, her baking skills!! LOL

    Thank you for sharing our passion, our love, our heart and soul: singing in 4-part harmony on your blog. Bless you.