Friday, 5 December 2014

Christkindl Market

About 24 hours ago I had no idea that the Christkindl Market in Kitchener existed. Since then I have enjoyed the fire out of it and another singing event by Karen's Grand Harmony Chorus.

Al and Mary picked me up and we headed downtown.

Here's the edge of where the Christmas spirit starts in Kitchener.

Al slowed the car down enough for Mary and me to jump out and fling my Rollator onto the sidewalk and we were off.

I dunno I don't feel the all blue lights on the tree and the city should've had Karen to help them arrange the lights and bunting. Either go symmetrical or wildly askew. Pick one.

Sorry, Grinch moment.

Well the lights are actually white when you're looking up the tree's skirts.

We headed inside for a while.

This gentleman was quite taken by my red rollator. I liked his monkey so we were even.

Do you like how I'm pretending that this isn't the very first thing I noticed when I walked in the door?

I don't even really like them that much they just remind me of outings with my dad.

This table was awesome:

But this table was my favorite. There were all kinds of characters for my winter elf stories.

Call in the army and the nurse!

I think she has morphine, toilet paper, smelling salts and tea. Or bandages and the bed pan. You decide.

In the end it was a little red Santa in a box and this little guy that won my heart. But I couldn't choose so I didn't buy either.

This was pretty neat:

I believe that is the Interac family of New Commerce Lane.

I also believe "Heirloom Pieces" is code for don't even look at the price tag.

I was roasting too so we headed outside.

Here are the evening's equivalent of Disney Characters to pose with:

I was too busy posing with Mary and my deep fried cheesecake.

Yep, diet coke and deep fried cheesecake. Yolo baby. Luckily Al helped me with it.

We noticed a policeman walking around carrying a little dog who had misplaced his owner. Hopefully that got sorted out happily.

And we thoroughly enjoyed the wait for Grand Harmony by listening to a group with the snappy title of Waterloo Region Special Education Choir. They were really awesome. You can hear a bit by clicking here.

Excuse my blurry video but I think you can get a feel for their enthusiasm and joy and just the general spirit of the event.

And this is about as political as I get on this blog but to me it seemed a really neat - Up yours Hitler, in this German community we want to try to love and appreciate everybody moment.

Then it was time for Grand Harmony Chorus to take the stage! Enjoy this glance at Karen cause it's the last you'll see of her and the back row for a bit.

You can hear them though if you click here to hear Carol of the Bells.

And click here to hear the chorus backing up director Chris Arnold singing Mr Grinch.

They all did a fantastic job and once again I have much more footage to share another time (especially of the mini Zamboni providing accompaniment on the rink) but here are a few stills.

Turns out I had my hat on backwards all night but hey that hardly matters when you're having this much fun!

Thanks for the ride Al and Mary and thanks to Grand Harmony for another great event!

Speaking of elf books Heather sent some Lizzy pics from Scotland so you can expect to see a lot more cuteness in the near future. Here are a few of my favorites from today.


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