Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pinwheel fun with Cooper

Bitterly disappointed to wake up to a piddling amount of snow this morning compared to what was promised so let's look at more pictures of Cooper at the attempted pumpkin photo shoot.

We had already explored the gift shop without breaking anything and only sustained one minor eye injury climbing a metal wind chime display. Cooper did well too. Ha!

We came very close to posing with mini pumpkin gourds but really it was all about pinwheels and I couldn't be happier about it.

Don't tell Henry but I don't really know who's cuter in some of these.

Not sure Dana is doing it right. Plus also give it back please.

That's better.

A brief break for pumpkins.

Never mind.

Almost heading back into the gift shop but stopped in his tracks by...

a perfectly straight yellow line.

That might be my favourite series of pictures ever.

So yeah just a few pictures from today.

A lonely bow being blown about.

Something's been leaving bread on my air conditioner. There are tracks in the snow and toast on the air conditioner.

Bribe to keep the cat indoors? Cause it's not necessary. Harry's given up going outside for lent really early. He's doing lots of good playing though so he's okay.

Okay as your funny for the day lets reclaim this picture for the joy!

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