Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Georgetown Beach

I had a fun dinner tonight at Crabby Joe's with good friends from high school.


As always, Judy was the much much younger girl that skipped 14 grades which is the only reason she was in our class.

Fries and a salad!

Not sure what story Judy is telling Donna...

But it clearly involved her chin.

Maybe she is still battling acne being as she is so young :-)

I finished the overview movie of Karen's first concert. You can see it here.

I seem to be really embracing this group of cheerful ladies. Partly it's what I do when a family member finds a new passion. Anne got a video too when she started singing and lord only knows how many soccer and piano recital videos there are of Caleb and Emily.

But it's been a great distraction from grieving too and it's helped me not hate and dread Christmas. I'm sure the purple sparkle ladies all have their own hurts too but singing reminds us that happy is out there. That it's available when we are ready.

I've been avoiding looking at the pictures that I took the day after our sister Mary Lynn's funeral in November but I needed to do that today.

Georgetown pei is only a few miles from where my sister lived. It's a true working wharf.

It was a raw day and so were we.

I'm so glad that Ava and Olivia could come. They bring sunshine. Not many kids could endure pretty much 24 hours straight in a van like they did.

I'll probably never see a yellow rose without thinking of her.

There are a few cool little tourist shops. This is where Peter the unofficial mayor of Georgetown sells his sea glass art.

Olivia kindly sat on a wet lobster trap chair for me.

Peter said we could go down to the beach behind his shop to look for glass.

Not sure what kind of operation had gone on here:

But it called for more drastic measures.

I finally understand why they are called clam diggers.

Anne's treasures:

Not sure if it was intentional but these squares were very pithy just like the books.

Olivia made a better choice.


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