Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas lights in the mud

I had the pleasure of going on the Christmas light walk with Cooper tonight!

We got there before the lights were turned on but the ducks and geese were putting on a sound show.

If you squint your eyes just so you can pretend you see snow and not mud.

Cooper loved the star that moved from spot to spot and might have been happy with just that if the other lights never came on.

I went back and forth between automatic and manual so you'll notice that sometimes it seems a lot darker than others.

Finally the lights came on!

I don't think Bob was winking, pretty sure he needed some drops in his left eye.

Candy cane and wrench?

I think this making of a snowman was my favorite. Cooper's too I think besides the stars. Everyday he looks outside and hopes for snow. Me too.

Santa's sweat shops. It was so muddy here I almost stepped out of my shoes.

Any guesses as to what these animals are specifically the one with the swirl?

See through pig?

I found this little cabin a little terrifying.

Santa seems to be uh hanging around.

I love it that a giraffe made it to the manger.

And the dinosaurs missed the ark because they were in jail.

Little Lorelai couldn't see her way clear to leaving cookies for Santa tonight.

So cute and I love that coffee table.

I don't think she'll wake up when he comes down the chimney.

Yeah so no snow today.

My Christmas cat pictures will have to wait for another day. Lots of excited people out there!

Merry Christmas!


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