Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I should warn you that this may not be your typical memorial with a great deal of decorum. We do not always display a great deal of that at our table of cards.

This does not mean that Dora was not a seriously accomplished person who could whip a meeting into shape according to Robert's Rules of Order in ten seconds flat. But I primarily knew Dora from playing cards and there were very few rules there. Except don't call anyone a cheater. Never do that. Ever. It is not worth your life.

I have very few pictures of a sedate Dora like this:

And a whole lot more where we were being silly like this:

Dora was a hisser when displeased. It meant you'd better watch your step. But it also meant she liked you. And usually that you were winning.

You can experience her hissyness first hand here.

Dora was a devout Christian and would not join our gambling-for-nickels ways. Besides, she would say, I lose too much to throw money after it too.

Dora did her first (and last) confession a few years ago. She was trying to behave before hand so we tormented her mercilessly, pushing every button we knew how till she jumped up and down in her chair and came up with creative ways not to swear at us. Such fun!

She could sing like an angel and spoke like one too, if by angel you mean sailor. Eg Alice's birthday second verse here.

Dora was loving and kind and tremendously funny but she brooked no BS. I once saw a man she didn't care for try to kiss her hand. He is fortunate that he retained all his digits.

But her massage therapist Vassily? He engendered this look when she spoke of him.

Bringing up his name was a great way to throw her off her game.

Dora loved her friends and family very much but she was ready to head on out and while I will miss the fire out of her that makes it a lot less painful.

So long friend, I will miss waving at your window as I round the building. Give'm hell in heaven.

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  1. What a lovely memorial post for a woman who was obviously quite the ticket!