Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A load of rhubarb

Just in case you were wondering my potassium was hanging out nicely at 4.6 (3-5.3 is normal) but last week when we had introduced back one of the 2 meds we stopped it slipped back up to 5.0 so that means no Naprosyn anti inflammatory yet. Naprosyn - I could write poetry about you. You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille! Especially during physiotherapy which is going quite fine but I wish it was spread out a bit better. It's Monday Tuesday and Wednesday which is a bit intense. Harrison continues to be in love with Bobby and she is quite kind to him too. Says she is considering a cat since having met Harrison since her husband has always wanted one. I suggested she try to get an adult cat for the simple reason that kittens are devils.

Today is the two-month anniversary of my knee surgery. All in all I still think it is going very very well. It's just a little frustrating because I know if I didn't push the physiotherapy it wouldn't hurt. But if I don't push the physiotherapy it will never work properly. Naprosyn I hardly knew ye.

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I have decided that scarves are the new hat to me. When Harrison is doing this comfortably in the shade...

leaving me sitting in the sun, I can do this and it fits!

So there I am with a scarf over my head, doing my physio, always skulking in front of the same neighbor's places because that's where Harrison always stops. But hey I'm already walking a cat so how much stranger can I really look?

Today Harrison just sat on the porch because it was raining. He sat out there alone because there are mosquitoes the size of ponies out there. I bought a really neat insect repellent machine that works like a fan that you clip to your clothes but of course it doesn't work. Won't spin.

So I went on my walk alone, but those mosquitoes still helped me keep my rest periods very short.

Here we have a before and after picture:

Yes it is the exact same dandelion. I know because I sat there long enough yesterday. Remember this?

After my walk it started to really rain.

That is truly a load of bunk but it went well with the pictures and fits right in on Facebook.

Finally tried out a rhubarb recipe. Because I am genetically unable to follow just one recipe I kind of combined two and then added my own touch which usually means cream cheese.

It tastes pretty darn good.

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