Saturday, 18 May 2013

Harrison's Adventure

So with all the fashion modeling going on the other day I didn't get a chance to tell you about Harrison's big adventure.

Harrison is often worried by loud noises. Can't say as I blame him.

But he's working on not being so nervous and yesterday he chose the road less traveled when he turned left instead of right to go to our usual haunt. This meant some new flowers for me!

We got to see the flower garden by the gazebo which is apparently NOT a therapeutic touch garden.

At one point I saw a big industrial lawnmower and was glad that it did not appear to be heading in our direction. Eventually we headed towards home. Harrison would have explored further but I had more than reached the halfway point for my knee.

Then it happened. The big orange industrial lawnmower headed in our direction. I was proud of Harrison. He kind of dug in, camouflaged himself as best he could and tried to wait it out.

He actually waited patiently while the mower of death made two slow loud very close passes. When it started coming around for the third time though he panicked and tried to run into the woods. Of course my rollator and I could not exactly follow.

I waved the lady driving the mower down and made turn off the ignition hand motions which thankfully she did

Harrison tried to run home but the problem was there was a tree between him and me and the leash.

He could have slipped his leash then but thankfully he trusts me enough to wait to see how I would help. I ditched the rollator, got hold of his leash closer to him and let go of the other end. Would've worked beautifully if by that time the handle of the leash hadn't got stuck in some branches.

At this point I am thinking that my niece Heather spent several summers working in landscaping and by this time she would probably have been helping me but at least the lady didn't start up the mower.

Anyway I kept at it and finally ripped the leash out of the underbrush and we moved away from the area smartly. She gave us about 20 paces before she started up the mower again.

I thought Harrison would want to run all the way home but he surprised me and acted all nonchalant look at me smelling bushes.

Today I was interested to find out if Harrison would turn left or right.

When we got to the crossroad he actually stopped and looked both ways trying to decide. In the end he chose right and went towards the usual safe place but I don't think we were defeated. We'll just have to keep out a better eye for the big orange lawnmowers of doom.

Our luck he will decide to go left just in time for the area to need mowing again! Maybe some tiny orange sound blocking earmuffs are in order.


  1. I was curious what "turn off the ignition hand motions" look like

    1. You turnyour wrist several times and look really panicked!