Saturday, 4 May 2013


Excellent day. Got to spend some time with my niece Annette. She drove me for my blood test and then we went to Costco. I noticed something a bit strange at the blood test place. The person who checked me in put gloves on specifically to get papers out of the file cabinet. Then she took them off. Personally I would be wearing gloves to take the paperwork from the real life germ carrying people not while working with paper only but what do I know?

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's walk.

Today's walk was shorter. For some reason Harrison was nervous. I noticed that there were a lot of airplanes overhead tonight, so maybe they were practicing for the air show.

So we stayed mostly on the porch. Which was awesome anyway because look what I got for Harrison at Cosco:

Could not be happier. Ate it like corncob.

Then he just kind of stared happily at it.

Finally got a chance to work with the pictures of Cooper that I took on Wednesday. It's a lot of fun. You can see it here.

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