Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A beary good day

What a joy to write about today! First of all my knee came back just fine from yesterday's over walking. Yay!

Bobby, my physio person, has also been teaching me how to strengthen my back. It's been hinting that with all this new fangled straight walking, and having two legs the same length again it might want to go out. I'm hoping to nip that in the bud by strengthening it. I haven't stood up straight while I walk for years and years.

Harrison was willing to go for a longer walk today after we watched Chippie for good 20 minutes or more locked in a death glare match.

I am amused myself during the standoff by taking pictures of the new buds and some birds.

Take off!

Finally the chippy took off and Harrison was ready to move on.

I'm wondering how long it will be until someone actually picks up this red glove and throws it away. I realize I could be that person, but I'm conducting an experiment here.

Can you see the love in Harrison's eyes? He loves this dead Cedar tree. He communed with it for a good 20 minutes.

That's when I realized I was getting a lot of sun and didn't have a hat. I had to turn the walk around which was a little dramatic for Mr. Harrison. But I will dig out the sunscreen tomorrow.

We did stop in the shade to watch this bird.

Then our people came! We were sitting out on the porch with Harrison having fun…

when we got an unexpected visitor!

Harrison immediately turned on the Halloween cat special effects and hustled indoors.

But Bear, as we found out on his collar, was quite a friendly well kept dog.

Karen was able to read his phone number off of his collar tag and I called his owner. It took about three calls but his owner was finally able to find us. He was very grateful. I'm glad Bear came to us, he was a lovely fellow and not all of my neighbors were happy to see him. Emily wants a dog just like him someday.

Then it was time for a Cooper visit! Pictures tomorrow but here's a teaser:

After a super fun swim where I told the kids the good news about the CT scan we went grocery shopping. We were all so hungry we could've eaten one of everything in the whole store!

I went ahead and lost my bank card out of my pocket. This led to a lot of retracing of steps but in the end someone had kindly turned it in already. Whew!

So as you can see quite an adventurous day!

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  1. yeah, Bear's lucky. I happen to know one of your neighbours is not fond of dogs AT ALL! not even sweet Gracie.