Friday, 10 May 2013


Notice anything…


Yeah that's not Harrison. That's Ozzy My niece Dana's cat. She and I took Cooper swimming today.

Pool pictures later they were on my big camera.

Then my brother Henry and I got to babysit Cooper while Dana and Chris went to a concert tonight.

Such a fun day, many more pictures from my big camera tomorrow. I don't dare start downloading them tonight.

Better yet tonight Dana gave me a jump stick with tons of their Cooper pictures and videos. I forsee a few videos coming on!

I got such a kick out of how small Gracyee cat can make herself. She is still skunk-defied so she is not allowed on her couch. This is a tragedy of epic proportions. To sleep on the floor like a dog is very sad.


  1. poor Graycee! First Captain Adorable steals some of her her cuteness thunder, and now she has to sleep at ground level?!

  2. You should tell that disadvantaged pug that one day he'll get along fine with that big bulldog when they both grow up. Maybe even live in the same house in Calgary.

    1. Ha ha! I TOTALLY thought of you guys! Now if you and Luke lived together... "Moooooom Luke said "so"!