Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cold front

Lovely cool day for a walk. In fact almost cold. A little worried about my new plants, but not enough to go out and cover them up.

The first-order of business is always some cat nip.

If they don't die of frost tonight you should probably get used to seeing these flowers.

Tonight someone from the cancer society called to see if I knew about the relay for life victory lap. I guess at the fundraiser in June cancer survivors get to go on the first lap as a kind of celebration. I appreciate knowing about it but I'm not sure I want to go. As soon as she mentioned signing up for T-shirt sizes I was immediately back in public school worrying that there was not a size large enough for me. And it's not just that. I have a billion appointments where I have to find someone to give me a ride and that seems like just another one. Also I wondered how they knew I was a survivor but I suppose if I'm alive enough to answer the phone that means I am one! Anyway I'll think about it.

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