Tuesday, 21 May 2013

More may

More pictures from yesterday:

One thing that happened was that my nephew TJ customized my new rollator for me. The rollbar on the back was making it very difficult to fit it into people's car trunks.

Pared down and ready for action!

My niece Deborah and my sister Anne gave me some cat nip plants for Harrison.

It was so cool. He did not notice them or paying attention to them at first and went straight for his Long grass. Then it was like something out of the movies. He stopped and went very very still. Turned on his heel very quickly and a second later like a little vampire he was headfirst into the catnip pail!

He tossed it around like a mouse and left it to die. Having his very own catnip adds such another level of interest for him going outside. If it brings other cats that's okay too because he loves watching them from inside. Hopefully we have enough that some of it can be recovering while he destroys the rest.

We have some new red Gardenpost's next-door. Hoping they become birdbaths!

I went for a walk in the rain with my new waterproof camera because I could!

And listen a lot of fads like planking etc. are too physical for me to take part in but I can sure do this one.

Cat Bearding!

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