Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Getting there

So good news about the knee yesterday and today my potassium blood test came back at 5.0. Thats in the normal range depending upon who you ask so I'm heading in the right direction. I have to keep having blood tests though because we have to figure out what is going on. Let's hope and pray for a nice solid 4.0 m'kay? Because of the high potassium counts I had to stop one of my best nonnarcotic pain medications. Shout out to Naprosyn, I miss you!

My physiotherapist took pity on me today because I'm still sore from yesterday - she will come back tomorrow. I still do the knee straightening exercises no matter what because I refuse to lose the ground that I have made!

Yesterday I looked my fear straight in the eye and asked the surgeon what happens if the knee infection comes back. A helpful neighbor had told me that the next step is amputation. I didn't know until I asked the question how strongly that had been weighing on me.

Dr. McCalden said no that would not be the next step. He said it would still be very very difficult because it would mean doing this two-step surgery dance all over again. He said in his whole career he has only done two amputations.

I say let's keep it that way and carry-on forward in a positive direction!

Here is the after pictures from when Al put the super mulch in my flower bed. I don't always plant anything in this bed other than perennials because it gets zero sunlight but it would be a shame to waste such nice mulch so I think I will plant something this year.

Harrison had a nice afternoon on the long leash hanging out in the neighbors flowerbed.

If nothing ever comes of this long grass other than him chewing on it it was well worth it.

Anyone wanna make these:


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