Monday, 27 May 2013

Harrison takes over the camera

Not that many pictures today, too busy swatting away mosquitoes. Would prefer the colder weather to this. Tomorrow I will have to get out the big bug spray guns. I am also considering taking up eating vast quantities of garlic as a preventative measure.

Today we visited every grate we met.

I broke the cardinal rule of walking a cat. Never walk a cat when you are in a hurry. I got an assist on the way home from a neighbor starting up a lawnmower in one of the backyards. Whew.

We tried for some more cat bearding pictures…

But Harrison took some self-portraits instead. I have my iPod set up so you don't have to press a specific button just anywhere on the screen so Harrison went to town.

Go home Harrison you're drunk.

Too cute:

Photoshopped, especially the S? Also it's not awkward unless you thought it was a cow but it is neat if it's real.

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