Saturday, 25 May 2013

Turning left

Today was Saturday so Harrison and I took the risk of turning left and heading into noisy lawnmower territory. Thankfully the landscaping crew was off for the weekend and there was nary a scary orange monster in sight!

Cat was the second answer! Fools don't know what they're talking about.

As always we stop for a cat nip break before we go on our walk. Maybe that's why he's been so brave lately.

I had trouble deciding how I wanted to crop this picture but I love how the light is hitting it.

Mad because he wanted to keep going but it would've meant walking the whole way around Sunnyside. Neither one of us can do that yet.

We met a nice lady and had a nice chat. Harrison was exactly like bored little kid while his mom talks to her friend.

Oh and Harrison made a new friend. This is Kiwi! Harrison is twice as big and three times as heavy as this little guy so there was no fear! Quit a change from Mr Max yesterday!

Some people dream of having a fancy car, I want one of these. Not the man, the trike!

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