Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chugging life

Just for funzies Karen and I spent yesterday till 3 AM at St. Mary's hospital. My potassium levels came back very high from a routine blood check. Might explain why I have been so tired lately although I am still hoping they were just false highs.

On a positive note the hospital had free wifi.

I missed a party that I really wanted to go to. Even though I don't drink much I had bought these because I thought they were funny:

Karen and I had a medication chugging party instead.

The colour tells it all. It was pretty vile and I had to drink two. In the end the numbers came down enough that I could go home.

My doctor is determined to figure out what's going on so I'll be having lots of blood tests.

In the mean time I feel good. Tired but hoping that's just low iron since the surgery. We'll see.

On another positive note my diabetic numbers are the best they've been in years and years!

Today I had an awesome walk.

Flying squirrel?

I think Harrison loves the smell of old dog pee so much that…

he wants to marry it

Leg stretch going up again!

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