Friday, 24 May 2013


More May day family pictures from Monday:

Cooper gave some check ups:

Thanks to Melissa for noticing this photo op! Sure wouldn't have wanted to miss it.

Today's walk was chilly but nice. Really loving the bug free weather even though it did snow a little bit this morning!

The flowers did not feel the need to open up completely. I have covered them tonight against frost.

Was social today and went to barbecue fundraiser in my building.

Dora on her new scooter!

Then my brother and my buddy Max came over for a little visit.

He was hilarious. He has no idea what to do with cats except bark at them. Harrison is not afraid of dogs that respect him but clearly he was not the boss in this situation. Max is not exactly a brave guy. He is deathly afraid of lightning and thunder. All it would take would be one scratch on the nose from a cat and he would be toast. But since that hasn't happened yet he happily drank both bowls of Harrison's water.

My niece Deborah was visiting too – she brought my new diamond sonic toothbrush! - so after Max left she washed up Harrison's water bowls. It's been so funny, Harrison has been drinking water all night. Just a little just to make the point that it is his water!

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