Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Halloween toddler round up

Our toddlers are getting old enough to do retrospectives!  Here's three years of cuteness. 




He probably had a baby costume but I didn't run across it tonight. 

Lizzy only has two years of Halloween but they're pretty cute. 

Here's Ava 11 years ago

And can you tell what Emily was this year?
A ceiling fan!

A sad walk today. Lots more trees gone. Young and old. It's really jarring. 

Well Tilly can cheer up any walk. 

Might be the last day for this squirrel nest its neighbourIng trees went today. 

Unlike some of the first trees cut these big ones really are past their prime. 

But I sat with them for a while today like you do when someone you respect is leaving. Said thank you. 

The guys are back in Vegas on their way home but they wisely had root beer floats on Route 66 first. 


Super scary costumes!

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