Thursday, 19 November 2015

Swimming fun - 99% squirrel free!

Last night at swimming we figured out that Emily could teach us some dance moves. For me to even try means I've come a long long way from the old - Why don't Pentecostals believe in sex before marriage? In case it leads to dancing. 

And the fact that I'm going to add a link later to a video of me actually trying to dance is even more remarkable! I once had a migraine through a whole wedding because I knew I had to dance for 30 seconds because I was a bridesmaid. 

But first, Emily had her hair straightened today!

And karen had a turn last week. 

I think they're both beauties with straight hair too but I love their curls so much. It's just really remarkable how much Emily looks like Karen's best friend Johanna with straight hair!

Also it's fitting to feature Jo here tonight because today is her birthday! 

You could never meet a nicer person. Just ask anyone who's met her right down to her mechanic. (She once famously upon meeting her new auto mechanic stuck out her hand and said "Hi, I'm nice." A combination of nice to meet you and hi I'm Johanna.) Makes me giggle so hard every time. 

Happy birthday!

So yeah, we had lots of fun swimming last night.  

Emily is quite limber...

Me too!

There was no way to fake this one!

So are you ready for this? Our first water dance recital and me attempting to grapevine and do a pirouette! 

This is a new way of sharing in my blog that will hopefully work. It might take a few seconds to download. 

Today was pretty blustery but still kinda warm. 

Just when you thought we might get through a day without squirrels... Don't worry not many today. 

Big shoutout to my friend Mike who began his radiation and chemo marathon today. 


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