Friday, 20 November 2015

Santa is coming to town

Today was so much fun. Tristan Clark who is a professional photographer and our photography club's patron saint was across the way taking portraits with and without Santa for a fundraiser. 

I snuck a quick selfie with Santa while I waited for my turn. 

I really enjoyed watching the action! 

Tristan's wife Melissa Clark, our fearless club leader, was wrangling people and dogs with equal skill, although at one point there was a mass dachshund break out into the cafeteria. 

It was interesting to have someone take pictures of me instead of visa versa. But Melissa led by example and had hers done too and when we talked about it on Monday at the photography club David said "I don't know why almost all women are so critical of themselves." And he's absolutely right. 

I asked for one of my pictures to be with my coat on and holding my camera with the idea of maybe using it in my blog profile, had one photo just regular and then one with Santa while wearing my furry cow hat from PEI. 

Tristan had me hold up my camera at one point so I figured I might as well snap a picture :-)

Tristan and Melissa's son Henri was on hand with a variety of Christmasy props at the ready. Henri is the youngest member of our club and today he sat down for a living history lesson with Paul, our oldest member who used to be a press photographer in Britain covering all sorts of events including the royal family. He tells a great story about helping one of the young princesses up after she'd fallen from her bicycle. 

I didn't ask Paul's permission to post so I'll just show his hands. 

Thanks Melissa and Tristan and Henri.

The rest of you neighbors should join us next time. This is Tristan's site if you want some great pictures in the meantime:

I had fun outside today too. 

There aren't a lot of birds around right now but the two that showed up today posed nicely. 

I sure wouldn't have noticed this flashy guy if he hadn't been chink chinking. Once you see him and he sticks his head up he's pretty obvious but he blends in too. 

When this chickadee flew towards me I assumed he was heading to the feeder but soon heard him on the roof of the gazebo I was sitting in. 

I was sad that I wasn't outside where I could see him but then I looked up and realized part of the roof is missing. Plus also we are housing unseen guests. 

It wasn't easy with the contrasting dark and brilliant sunshine so the manual focus practice with the squirrels sure paid off. 

Harry wouldn't set foot off the porch today and sun is a terrible thing to waste this time of year so I went for another walk later. 

Remember how in last night's blog we talked about how it was the wonderful Johanna's birthday today? Well guess what? Tonight the wonderful Andrew asked her to marry him! She said yes!

Karen took this picture...

And Lindsay Coulter a close friend and amazing photographer 

took these:

Congratulations Johanna and Andrew!

Harry couldn't/wouldn't make the trip over to get in my picture with Santa today but he posed for my iPod tonight. 


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