Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Squirrels R us

Not a great deal to take pictures of outside these days but the squirrels are out en masse so that's what my camera points at. Or anything the light hits. 

Trying to get the crow and roses in the same picture. 

This was pretty special. This little girl was happy to get really close to me and encouraged me to sort out the nuts from the bird feed and throw them to her.  

She picked out the sunflowers from the cracked corn another lady leaves. 

I loved that she tried the same trick as my cats have all done where they pretend not to see where a treat has landed in order to encourage the throwing of more. Then she'd fill her mouth and carefully stow them for a later return. 

Some tail wagging thanks and she was gone. 

So cool, she was almost at my feet at some points!


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