Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Rain roses & squirrel talk

We had a really fun swim tonight wherein we danced ballet and I was limber enough to touch my foot to the back of my head. Wait, that last part was Emily I think. Those pictures tomorrow. 

Listen. I know a lot of you consider squirrels vermin, and I might too if I owned a house that they were invading, but two days is about as long as I can go in such nice warm weather without taking pictures of my squirrel friends so there'll be lots of those but luckily it also rained a little so the roses were inviting as well. 


Notches was all, stop taking pictures of that bird and toss me some sunflower seeds. 

I'm having such a blast with this manual focusing challenge. She gives me two seconds tops. 

And she's gone. 

We had a break for some major tree posturing. 

And we had company. Meet Patches. 

You ever gonna move?


Get back over to your side!


Think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?


I can see down your tail from here. 


Well time for some more trick or treating. 

But this is fun too. 

Patches is Patches because he's got some fancy beige ear shadows. 

But he hasn't got Notches' chutzpah. 

Who you calling chutzpahless? Why I oughta...


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