Saturday, 21 November 2015

It's beginning to look...

I completely missed the snow this morning so I was thrilled to happen to look out tonight and see this. 

Just makes me so happy. 

Earlier today...

This afternoon was cloudy but warm enough to sit in the gazebo and write. I don't talk about it much in case I get stalled but I have some books inside me that want out and for some reason outside is where they come. 

Sitting quietly with some seeds at the ready brought Notches around. 

If I concentrate too long on writing Notches comes closer and closer. 

Sometimes she wanders away but always comes back. 

Today way had some pretty tame company. Notches Noire showed up first and came into the gazebo. 

Her ear is even more marked than Notches the First. 

Then this entertaining character turned up. I've named him Chip as in Chippendale. 

The birds aren't bothering with the feeders so someone may as well enjoy them. 

Chip came into the gazebo too but I'm not allowed to move as much as I am with Notches. 


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