Monday, 2 November 2015

Indian summer

Harry was tearing to get out today. Twice. He knows a warm sunny day when he feels it. 

I've been steeling myself for the slash and burn bug garden clearing and it must have happened today. 

Bird feeders are still there but I imagine they'll go away soon too. Just grateful to have had them for the first time this year. They made my life really enjoyable and there's still lots of animal action over there. 

And mushroom action too

European starlings. 

Blue jay yesterday, cardinals today

Never got a great shot but fun trying. 

Mrs. Cardinal joined in. 

And lots of squirrel action of course. 

I love to try to catch them flying. 

Really missed my faster camera here. 

I'm starting to really get the zen of hunting except for the whole killing part. Not judging, just me. 

I thought Harry had a cardinal in his sights. 

Except it turned out to be a leaf. 

His sparrow was one tree over. 

Don't forget to check out Henry's blog for some "edgy" photos. 

Go back at least one to see the horse shoe canyon. Like nothing I've seen. They're hanging out on Route 66 now!


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