Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I was sad to see them cutting down some trees in the bug garden today. 

These trees were the home to a lot of my squirrel pals. 

My brother Jim who works in a saw mill says that they are Ash trees and so likely being removed before they are affected by the emerald ash borer, a green Asian beetle that has come to our area. It helps to understand why. 

I thought about my dad a lot today. He loved cutting down trees and making wood for winter. He'd work with local farmers and cut down dying trees for our wood stove. He said you should cut down the dying trees for the health of the newer ones. It's dangerous work but it kept us warm. Well warm is an exaggeration. He'd shut the door to upstairs at night to prevent the heat from rising. When he got up in the morning he'd open it a crack so we didn't wake up frozen. I didn't really mind, I like a cool bedroom and never have the heat on in mine to this day. 

Bashful blue jay

I went back after the trucks left and three trees were gone. 

Felt myself apologizing to the squirrels. At least it's nice weather for new nest building. Might take some yarn over tomorrow. And lots of food. Pretty sure the babies weren't nursing anymore. It's the right time of year for tree trimming if it has to be done. 

Still lots of trees around but there'll be some territory turf wars happening for sure. 

Nest material?

Some seriously cool finds in Sedona today!


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