Thursday, 12 November 2015

Pumpkin patch - The Final Episode!

I went out today but the animals were all smart enough to stay out of the wind so let's finally finish up the pumpkin patch pictures. 

The rest of the gang had headed over to Henry's for poker night but we chose our mini squash before we left. 

Cooper started singing let's go bluejays as soon as he saw this guy. He'd learned it in daycare. 

Sweetest boy ever. 

We had a great supper waiting for us. 

And lots more people. 

The baseball game ended right. 

Anne's pretty flowers. 

The winner and loser, you decide. 


Lilo the husky and Rosie the cat who thinks she is a husky, one of my favourite Instagram accounts. Rosie walks like a happy dog on a leash. Look them up on YouTube under Lilo the husky. It's awesome. 

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