Sunday, 29 November 2015

Need some Christmas spirit? GH Chorus delivers!

It was just a year ago that my sister Karen sang in her first concert with Grand Harmony Chorus (add a .com if you want more info) and she has never looked back!

Today was their annual Christmas concert in Elmira. So much fun!

My beautiful sister!

I love the black and silver dress code so much!

Caleb has some cool new Rubik's cubes. One has 12 sides!

The decorations were amazing. These ladies work so hard to bring us joy!

So much personality in the whole group and then it just breaks out even further in the quartets!

Our wonderful master of ceremonies 

Intermission was awesome too. 

A test to see if the camera can tell if you have food in your mouth...

Yes, especially if you smile. Ha!

Mega bling on an already blingy day!

In the dictionary under how friends should be:

And mothers and daughters 

And hair look a likes!

Raffle time. So much cool stuff including hand made stained glass and quilts and cookies!

Sorry about the mic placement 

I wonder what Karen did to get these looks on either side?

Supertonic! They're working on a Christmas album for next year. 

Wonderful concert, there'll be a video roundup soon. 

I just loved this scene:

A lucky winner!

The lovely Susan. 

If this suit doesn't start your festive season I can't help you!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Feel free to save any you'd like and just let me know if you want any in a larger more printable size. 

Here's the video wrap up of the fairytale show Grand Harmony put on in October. It was SO much fun!


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