Saturday, 14 November 2015

Squirrel training

After two days of indoor exercise it was time to head over to see what Notches was up to. Lots of other squirrels out on the way over. 

A rare hint of blue sky. 

I have a feeling this might be the work of Notches considering her past hi jinks hanging on the edge of it. 

Only about five minutes before she showed herself. I make the same sound everyday thinking I'm training her but I suspect she's training me and tapping her little foot when I don't show up. 

There's an initial show of reticence 

But food wins. 

This is one of those just missed it moments. 

She had been peeking through half a second ago. 

She's not one to stay still as she gets closer to me. 

I wonder who took a chomp out of her ear?

The Dark-eyed Juncos were busy today. 


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