Sunday, 22 November 2015

Snow roses

Well as you can imagine I was thrilled to be going outside for a walk today. 

I'm going to lead with my favourite. 

I was worried the snow would be gone before I got home from church so I took some pictures on the way. 

Luckily it didn't all melt and in fact snowed some more while I was out - alternating with brilliant sun. 

There was a pretty neat effect when the sun came out during a snowy period and some birds flew by. No filters, this snow seems quite willing to be photographed judging from the Lego sized-ness of some of it. 

I had been concerned that there wouldn't be any roses left by the time it snowed so I was glad there were still some in Bea's garden. 

I was playing with the white balance. 

Notches got super close today

I took a whole bunch more pictures 

but I'll look at them another day because I wanted to work on the Grand Harmony FAME overview. I've  got everything on the timeline but have to figure out how to make it short enough that the already poor video quality won't be even worse. 

Here's a short frog Kissen part as well as Karen's part:


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