Monday, 21 January 2013

Check up

So. A good check up with the radiation doctor at Grand River hospital today. Everything has healed perfectly. I no longer resemble this. I will have another CT scan in 2 1/2 months to check on the lymph nodes. But I can't feel them anymore so I think that's a good sign.

I will need to be seen every three months not sure how long. Hoping to alternate between here and Hamilton because I don't want to lose contact with them. I'm sure that will work out.

The next knee surgery should take place sometime in the next two months. I'm actually very excited about that. If it's anywhere near as good as the temporary one is it's going to be awesome.

Even though I walked lots at the hospital I still got a really short outdoor photo session in. Just can't help myself!

Hoping to have lots of Cooper pictures tomorrow!

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