Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Clean sweep

Super day. Since my knee does not want to walk (I'm thinking maybe the temporary spacer is wearing out) I decided to do some cleaning. The areas under both of my sinks are currently clean! Well Karen did the actual on her knees cleaning (and ant spraying) but I totally excavated and filled 3 garbage bags. It feels fantastic!

Tomorrow my side table. Could my desk be next? That thing is crammed full of paper. It's hilarious because Harrison doesn't know what's going on. He doesn't see that much cleaning.

Then we went to bulk barn to buy peppermint to scare away ants and horehound candy for my card ladies. I can't abide the taste but they love it.

And then we went to see Cooper!

Going going gone

Caleb is into collages now too! And of course he and Emily are both teaching me things but I did not know.

I love that Caleb highlighted me blowing my nose. If you can't crop it out make it a joke! I don't miss you cough and I'm mainlining oil of oregano to keep you away.

Some chicken pictures from Not as cute as ponies in sweaters but it'll do Pig. It'll do.

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