Thursday, 17 January 2013

Colour by numbers

Gray cold day so I let Harrison have his 2 minutes on the porch and I bundled up in my Marky Mark coat and headed out on my own.

Today's computer play toy was called colour temperature in Picasa.

The salt was out full force for tonight's snow. Made my rollator a very bumpy ride.

I tried to take pictures of the snowflakes falling but apparently that's really hard.

My neighbors think I'm crazy for walking on cold snowy days, but I love it. Once I get going that is. Some people can only walk with a friend but I pretty much require a camera.

Even though Mr. Harrison did not want to go for a walk today he was not pleased to be left behind.

He showed said displeasure by whacking my iPod off the table when I got back.

It has survived far worse falls than that.

The snow is coming down pretty hard right now, maybe I'll have a winter wonderland to take pictures of tomorrow. I may have to break out my boots!

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