Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The eye of Sauron has it

Call the tabloids, Even though we just renewed our vows on Sunday, like Heidi and Seal, I think my cough and I are breaking up! Yay!

I was hoping to have some Cooper pictures for you tonight, but he got his first shots today and wasn't feeling tiptop. Hopefully next week. Gives me another week to finalize the divorce with my cough.

In the meantime lets look at Emily's pictures again.

I killed it at the pool tonight. It was nice to be free of the heart loop for a while and to feel free to work hard.

Harrison Loves to taste my hair when I come home from the pool.

Every cat I've ever had loves the taste and smell of chlorine. Odd ducks.

Who you calling an odd duck?

You buddy, cats are weird.

And finally, in celebration of the departure of both my cough and the very last little sore from radiation (it hung in there and fought the good fight) this blog post from one of my favorite bloggers ever. Fair warning you are going to see a representation of what I looked like during and after radiation. But it's okay because it's cake. Cake makes everything okay. Especially burnt vulvectomy areas.

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