Friday, 25 January 2013

Hot or not

Tired. When I get creative like with yesterday's movie I have a hard time getting to sleep. Loved every minute of it though.

Noticed a few gems out the door today.

Walked solo as Harrison had no interest in trying the hall again. Therefore no walking treats. That'll give him something to think about. I did turn the heat on for about an hour. Too much! There seem to be two speeds. Very hot or nothing. Think I'll stick to keeping warm with clothes and a cat.

Can't decide between these two crops. Love the whisker curl.

Harrison initiated and held my hand for about five minutes. Considering he hates to have his paws touched it was very special. He was in a very sappy mood.

Tomorrow night I'll be taking part in a sleep test overnight. Not sure if there'll be wifi but if not I'm sure I'll have something to say about it later!

I saw this on cute overload. Wondering if Harrison would ever be THIS passive

And remember Brent:

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  1. haha! I'll try, but she's not even crazy about being picked up. And I like to think that she "poos", as opposed to "doing a poo". It's already a verb!