Saturday, 19 January 2013

Happy Birthday. Shhhh

Fun lunch at Ben Than's with good friends. Camera shy friend's half century birthday so no pictures. It was so funny though because the waitress noticed the gift bags so towards the end there was suddenly some loud majestic canned birthday music and a sparkler in a big bowl of ice cream.

My knee jerk reaction was to throw up my hands and holler "I didn't do it! I didn't tell!"

Self preservation at it's best!

It was SO funny.

I've decided not to walk outside till it warms up a bit just in case it's bad for my heart - just till I get more information about why the heart loop was going off when I was outside.

A bit depressing but I'll just have to work on finding something interesting to see in the hallway. Hey I can still look out every door as I go by and hunt the turkeys that way! The birds not the neighbours.

Please go see this movie Harrison and I made with my iPod tonight.

Wish I could get excited about hockey being back.

But mostly I'm just sad that my football is nearly over.

This is pretty funny.

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