Friday, 18 January 2013

It's okay to be gray

Today prince Harrison managed to make 4 paw prints before he gave up. At least he's willing to try.

His cat nip buddy is a little more hardy.

Walking on my own means I could try a new path.

Although at least two creatures had been there before me.

They didn't walk together long or likely at the same time.

This is my trail.

No photographic editing tricks today. Sometimes you just have to celebrate the gray.

The heart loop monitor went off again twice while I was outside today. It did that one other day as well. My family doctor doesn't think it's related to exercising in the cold but it's definitely something I want to ask the heart guy about. It's gone off a grand total of seven times the whole time I've had it and tonight I push the button once when I felt an tiny flutter almost more because I felt I should at some point press the button myself.

Last night I dreamed that I pressed the button and was surprised when I woke up in the morning that it hadn't really happened.

The worst thing about it is still the itchy glue on the electrode pads. It's surprisingly easy to sleep on.

Thanks for reading. Muuwah!

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