Sunday, 20 January 2013


So I can sign myself to an sidewalking and of course we had a cortisone start.


I consign myself to inside walking and of course we have a gorgeous snowstorm. (Not a good idea to use Siri while watching television.)

Please enjoy this short video of Harrison's walk. . Don't blink.

I walked from one end of the building to the other stopping at Windows.

Wonder where the turkeys hang out when it's snowing like this?

Harrison is predicting more snow for tomorrow. (Mom always said if a cat sleeps with their nose covered it means snow.) I know it's just an old legend but so far this year he's beaten out the weather channel.

He's also learned to hang on when he sleeps on the back of the chair.

Just in case I press the turtle button again.

The boys a fast learner.

Love this beluga picture with all my heart. It reminds me of my nephew Todd when he was a kid. (The boy not the whale) Happy birthday Todd!

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