Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January rain and go Grace go

Good news! My friend Grace got accepted for a stem cell transplant. It came down to a committee decision at Princess Margaret Hospital and it's awesome that she was chosen. Well except of course for the whole now she has to undergo a stem cell transplant.

Grace is one of the smartest, look on the bright side with a big dollop of realistic, ultra dry, hit you after you think about it a minute with big time funny, person I know. She will do great and I know your thoughts and prayers will be with her. She has a month before it begins. Pretty sure it's the same procedure that Robin Roberts of Good Morning America had. Who knows maybe we'll both be in the hospital at the same time.

January is weird. This is what my yard look like today:

This is how far Harrison got.

And yes I am wearing capris in January because hot flashes are hot. Makes for less laundry when you don't wear warm clothes so it's win-win.

My knees did not approve a walk today but I still saw some beautiful things from my porch.

Danna emailed me some pictures from last week today.

Cooper looks like his grandpa Martin and his great grandpa Martin in this picture:

With cats, it's all about attitude.

Lucky that my guy has no idea about that at all. Also lucky that he doesn't know he's going for his check up on Thursday!

Hope you are all warm and dry.

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