Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New frontier

Today Harry and I respected the chill and attempted an indoor walk. For some reason Harrison is very very nervous in the hall.

He looked both ways before venturing out.

I wasn't sure he was even going to come out the door at first.

And he was nervous enough to make the fat tail.

But he made it down three doors.

And then scurried home.

Actually pretty proud of him. He got two treats for doing that and you could just see the wheels in his little brain whirring about that. Will try it again.

My niece Emily has succumbed to the dreaded flu/cold that is going around this year so she's been home from school sewing. Today I tried my hand at a little stitch instruction via intranet.

Very happy to have taken the loop heart recorder off for the last time today. Not something I'll miss. But just in case I haven't had enough medical appointments this week (I saw a sleep specialist yesterday) I found out that I go for my overnight sleep test on Saturday night! Was not expecting it to happen that soon. Not looking forward to trying to sleep on a cot with tons of electrodes attached but other people do it so maybe I will too.

Even though it's minus whatever I still haven't turned on my heat this year. With my hot flashes it's easier to regulate the temperature with clothes than heat.

It also makes for a very cuddly cat!

However when he started sitting directly on my shoulder like a parrot I started to think that he is maybe asking for some heat.

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