Sunday, 22 September 2013

Adventurous sushi

Thanks to reporter Heather for the newest craze in sushi according to Rocket News 24:

See it here.

Mmmm sushi.

My own little furry dragon roll decided to branch out and venture straight across the driveway today. That's us in the yellow. (I did the pink in 26 minutes today while my laundry washed.)

It was apparently really really exciting. I can see why. He looks at this area all day long so to venture over to it despite the potential for cars was exhilarating.

We did some careful scouting first.

I like that Harrison doesn't trust moving cars but I'd love to someday volunteer with him over at the nursing home. He turtles over on his back with zero threat of claws for every person he encounters but we'd have to get across the scary parking lot first.

We took that sign as a sign and just walked half way back and forth a bunch of times.

We left our scent in a few places...

and got back safely to our home grate.


Look who Emily got to meet!

That's Mozart the vet cat at the clinic where Emily's best friend's parents work. Quite a face eh! I think he could give grumpy cat a run for her disapproval money. He seems to really mean it whereas grumpy cat seems to be a pleasant lady without any dentures.


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