Saturday, 14 September 2013

Chippie on the shoulder

I was just getting ready to tell you about the grumpy walk I had with Harrison today. Foolish of me to set out when I was hungry and he was in the mood to walk!

I don't like just leaving him on the porch anymore though because the chipmunks are so aggressive right now. They run right through his paws and I'm afraid he will get bitten again. I love chipmunks and squirrels but I think I should be allowed to have my little porch for my cat especially since he is tied up. If he catches one on his own porch they are on their own. The amount of taunting they do is incredible.

I realize that maybe they're trying to protect a nest but there is a lot of territory besides my porch that they could nest. They know he comes out every day, they start screaming the minute I open the door. It is definitely sport to them. Possibly chipmunk University hazing rituals. Run between the cat's legs and you get first crack at the keg. Bite him and you get a letter jacket.

Ah well soon enough it will be winter and Harrison will have to make do with this:

Cooper went to the zoo today. Pretty special to get to go with his uncle Sean and great grandpa! Thanks for the pictures Henry and Dana.

See now finding those pictures in my email made all my grumpy thoughts about chipmunks go away! So cute. Dana is a real animal lover so I know that she will be thrilled that Cooper enjoyed this so much!

Hopefully no one got hurt in the petting zoo scrum! I love goats. If you looked up undignified in the dictionary there would be a picture of a goat.


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